Jeffrey Hessing 2Hessing’s work resonates with his life experiences from Brooklyn to the Cote d’Azur. His paintings vibrate with color and life, reflecting his unending search for the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Hessing’s work is like a diary. He is a witness to his own life. Painting on rooftops or bridges as well as trips to the wilderness, the Yunan Province in China, and the Grand Canyon have turned his “plein-air painting” into an adventure.

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Artist’s statement

Jeffrey HessingIn 1972, I decided to dedicate myself to the creation of art that celebrates
the beauty around us and the magic in the ordinary. I chose to work from life itself, combining an intense observation of reality with the greatest possible degree of spontaneity and freedom. This endeavor has lead me to an inner truth about how I perceive, feel, and respond to the physical world. It is a never ending exploration.

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